What We Do

The main functions of the Agency as described in Section 12 of Part Three of the EPA Act of 2008 as amended in July 2010 are the following:.

  • Environmental policy making and Legislation. The Agency is responsible for the formulation of policies on all aspects of the environment. It also initiates legislative regulatory proposals, standards and guidelines on the environment in accordance with the EPA Act of 2008.
  • Pollution control. The Agency prescribe standards and guidelines relating to ambient air, water and  soil quality, the pollution of air, water, land and other forms of environmental pollution including the discharge of wastes and the control of toxic substances.
  • Overall coordination. The Agency is in charge of coordination of all environmental management efforts among government institutions, international and regional organizations, and other related institutions.


  • Education and Awareness raising on the Environment. The Agency is responsible for the creation of public awareness of the environment and its importance to the economic and social life of Sierra Leoneans.


  • Enforcement and Compliance. The Agency ensures compliance with laid down environmental impact assessment procedures in the planning and execution of development projects, including compliance in respect of existing projects.


  • Environmental Impact Licensing. The Agency reviews and approves environmental impact assessments and   environmental   impact statements submitted in accordance with the EPA Act of 2008 or any other sector law.


  • Environmental Integration. The Agency ensures the integration of environmental and climate change concerns in overall national planning by developing modalities and maintaining linkages or partnerships with relevant Government Ministries, departments and Agencies


  • Environmental Research. The Agency undertakes such studies and submits such reports and recommendations with respect to the environment as the Government or Board may consider necessary.


  • Mobilize, expedite and monitor resources for environmental management. The Agency develops plans and programs with environment management issues that can be funded from multiple funding sources.


  • Strengthen private sector involvement in Environmental Management. Liaise with the private sector, non-governmental agencies, Community Based Organizations on issues relating to the environment.