Geographic Information System

The GIS Department is quite central in the decision making processes at EPA-SL on internal and external matter related to its operations.

The GIS Department assist the agency to effectively and efficiently collect, analysed, manipulate, process environmental data for the utilization and management of natural resources within the country


The goal of the GIS Department is to have a comprehensive automated Geographic Information System that will integrate spatial (geographic) and tabular data from a variety of sources to enable modelling of real and theoretical situations for management of all Environmental resources.

Liaise with Government line ministries, departments and agencies to ensure the integration and successful application of the principles of ecologically sustainable development to natural resources in the country.

Establish a data bank for all environmental database and information systems. Oversee the processing of all environmental data.


The Geographic Advantage “Provide a robust and high quality geographic information system that empowers users to efficiently manage and maintain accurate, reliable, and consistent geographic data, and to easily and quickly obtain information in various formats on demand.”