Field Operation and Extension (FOE)

The Field Operations and Extension (FOE)Department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the EPA Act 2008 as amended in 2010 and all environmental regulations of the Agency. The department is charged with the responsibility of coordinating all field operations and extension of the Agency. Specifically, the department is responsible for the following:

  • Ensures compliance with the EPA Act 2008 and any other environmental regulations within the remit of the EPA-SL.
  • Coordinates and monitors the implementation of environmental policies, programmes and projects of the Agency, line Ministries and Non-Governmental Organizations at regional and district levels
  • Conducts regular monitoring of all projects that are required to acquire an Environmental Impact Assessment Licence, it is also in charge of conducting monitoring and audits of all EIA licensed companies.
  • Updates the Agency’s database/inventory of all projects with and those without an Environmental impact Assessment licence.
  • Maintains a record of the Environmental Impact Assessment licences issued by the Environment Protection Agency-Sierra Leone;
  • Issue notices in the form of warnings, closure and suspension to non-compliant companies.
  • Ensures that public hearings on Environmental Impact Assessment are undertaken as prescribed in the EPA Act in collaboration with environmental quality control department
  • Collaborates with local government councils and other bodies and institutions on environmental protection and management. The department also provides guidance to District Councils Environment Committees on all matters relating to the protection and management of natural resources and the environment
  • Conduct investigations into environmental issues and forward such issues to the Executive Chairperson for further action.
  • Coordinates and monitors the implementation of national environmental policies.
  • Promotes effective planning in the management of the environment.
  • Provides technical support on environmental issues to all MDAs.
  • Provides oversight to the three regional offices in Bo (Southern region), Makeni (Northern region) and Kono (Eastern Region).

The Department, in line with the rules and regulations of the Agency, is committed to upholding the highest standard of integrity, transparency and accountability.