Information,Education Communication (IEC)

Information, Education and Communication are important components to the vision and values of the Environment Protection Agency. This Standard Operating Procedures will set out how we are committed to ensuring that information and communications from the Agency are consistent, coordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse needs of our stakeholders. It will further ensure that we are visible, accessible and accountable to the population we serve and ensure that our communications strive to enhance the profile of the Agency, preserve its integrity and respect.

The role of the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Department is to promote and undertake environmental education and awareness raising activities and to ensure that media communications and related activities enhance the agency’s image and reputation. The role also includes the development, implementation and monitoring of the communication activities, communications plan and visibility strategies. The role of the IEC also involves operational work with, among other things, the website, newsletter, brochures, mass media relations and community sensitization. This work is managed by the Head of Department.