Natural Resources Management (NRM)


The NRM department is established within the Agency to apply the legal framework and regulate activities through implementing management systems to minimize the environmental impact resulting from natural resources exploitation.

The department specifically pioneers the development and implementation of proper regulations and legal requirements in meeting sustainable natural resource management. To achieve this, the department develops standards and strategies in line with the overall EPA-SL mandates in securing healthy environment and sustaining natural resources.

The NRM department also has a commitment in increasing environmental management strategy of natural resources and the protection and conservation of biodiversity so as to halt the loss of both terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity. Overall, the department has the responsibility of advising policy makers on the formulation of regulations governing the sustainable utilization of natural resources and ensuring that international obligations and agreements are met.

Focus/Mission objectives

  1. The Department shall foster sustainable natural resource management through the implementation of regulations and programs essentially depicting best practices.
  2. In line with the Agency mandates, take part in the implementation of the regulations on Water resources use and management, wastewater management, water conservation and reuse, along with implementing wastewater and water quality monitoring programs.
  3. Coordinate and promote aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems management. Draw up program of work aimed at promoting Conservation and Restoration of ecosystem biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources.
  4. The department also supports and implement International Environmental Agreements (IEAs) specifically related to biodiversity conservation.
  5. The department takes lead role in overseeing land use patterns and set standards for best land use practices. It also engages in supporting community-based land use planning.
  6. In the context of oil and gas industry development, the NRM department takes lead role in developing and implementing environmental standards and guidelines adequate for the protection of aquatic resources and preservation of the ecosystems.
  7. Also regulates operational procedures to minimize or prevent oil spill. The department also regulates operational discharge limits following the standards set in various Regional Sea Conventions. It shall also set environmental management guidelines and principles for offshore oil and gas exploration and develop spill prevention and control plan such as the oil spill contingency plan.