The vision statement of the Agency is to ensure sustainable use of our natural resources and contribute to poverty reduction through effective protection and sound environmental management.

The mission statement is to effectively protect, sustainably manage the environment and its natural resources to ensure a quality environment adequate for human health and well-being for all in Sierra Leone.

The broad mandate of the Agency is to effectively protect and manage the environment; monitor and regulate companies with EIA Licenses and illegal operations that have an impact on the environment and advise the Minister of Environment on all environmental matters.

Among others, the Agency has responsibilities to ensure compliance and enforcement of environmental impact assessment procedures and pursue environmental education for the creation of public awareness-raising of the environment and its importance to the economic and social life of Sierra Leone.

In living with its motto, the EPA-SL will strive at all times to maintain the core values of Efficiency and Professionalism; Teamwork and Partnership; Transparency and Accountability; Stewardship, and Integrity.

 The motto of the Agency is “protecting our environment for a better future”.