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EPA Directorates

Natural Resources Governance

NRG serves as a cornerstone in the agency's mission to safeguard Sierra Leone's natural resources. Through comprehensive oversight and regulatory measures, the Directorate ensures the responsible and sustainable management of the country's rich biodiversity, land, water, and mineral resources.

Paul Lamin

Climate Change Secretariat

CCS spearheads efforts to address the complex challenges of climate change in Sierra Leone. By conducting research, analysis, and assessments, the Directorate provides valuable insights into the impacts of climate change on the country's ecosystems, communities, and economy. It formulates and implements strategies, policies, and action plans to enhance climate resilience, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and adapt to changing climatic conditions.

Environmental Health and Safety

EHS is entrusted with safeguarding public health and promoting safety through effective environmental management practices. By conducting risk assessments, inspections, and monitoring activities, the Directorate identifies and addresses environmental hazards that pose threats to human health and safety.

Program Development and Performance

PDP is tasked with enhancing organizational effectiveness and efficiency through strategic planning, performance management, and capacity building initiatives. By coordinating the development and implementation of EPA's programmes, projects, and initiatives, the Directorate ensures alignment with the agency's mission, objectives, and priorities.

Research, Policy & Innovation

RPI plays a pivotal role in advancing scientific knowledge, informing policy development, and fostering innovation to address environmental challenges in Sierra Leone. Through research, analysis, and data collection, the Directorate generates evidence-based insights into environmental issues and trends, facilitating informed decision-making and policy formulation.

Sheikh Tunis

External Relations and Advocacy

ERA plays a pivotal role in fostering strategic partnerships, enhancing stakeholder engagement, and advocating for environmental sustainability. Through proactive outreach efforts, the Directorate builds and maintains relationships with government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other key stakeholders

Human Resources Management

HRM is responsible for overseeing all aspects of personnel management and development within the agency. This includes recruitment, selection, training, performance management, and employee relations. The Directorate ensures that EPA's workforce is well-equipped, motivated, and aligned with the agency's mission and objectives. It plays a key role in fostering a positive organizational culture, promoting diversity and inclusion, and facilitating professional growth and development opportunities for staff members.

Financial Affairs

FA oversees financial management, budgeting, and accounting functions to ensure the effective and transparent utilization of financial resources. It develops and implements financial policies, procedures, and controls to promote fiscal responsibility and compliance with regulatory requirements. The Directorate prepares annual budgets, financial reports, and forecasts to support informed decision-making and accountability. Additionally, it manages revenue generation, expenditure tracking, and procurement processes to optimize resource allocation and support EPA's environmental protection initiatives.


Administration oversees administrative functions critical to the agency's operations. It manages facilities, logistics, and general administrative services to ensure the smooth functioning of EPA's day-to-day activities. The Directorate maintains and upgrades office facilities, equipment, and infrastructure to create a conducive work environment.

Field Operations and Extension

Oversees on-the-ground environmental monitoring, enforcement, and outreach activities across Sierra Leone. It coordinates field teams responsible for conducting inspections, assessments, and enforcement actions to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Additionally, the Directorate engages with local communities, stakeholders, and partners through extension programmes and outreach initiatives to raise awareness, provide technical assistance, and promote environmental stewardship.

Legal Affairs, Compliance, and Enforcement

LACE ensures legal compliance and accountability in environmental matters. It interprets and applies relevant laws and regulations, provides legal guidance to EPA staff and stakeholders, and represents the agency in legal proceedings. The Directorate oversees compliance monitoring and enforcement activities to ensure adherence to environmental standards and regulations, taking corrective actions when necessary.

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