The Environment Protection Agency-Sierra Leone Strategic Plan was developed out of the desire of the Agency to
achieve government’s aspirations and implement the National Agendas for Change and Prosperity on managing the
environment and its natural resources.
In September 2008, the Agency was established by an act of Parliament (Environment Protection Agency Act, 2008)
as a body corporate to provide for the effective protection and management of the environment and other related
matters. In July 2010, as a further demonstration of the Government’s commitment to environmental protection and
management the EPA Act, 2008 was amended by Parliament to allow the Office of the President to have oversight
responsibility of the Agency. This in essence enabled the Agency to effectively and efficiently carry out its broader
the mandate of coordination and monitoring the implementation of all national environmental policies, plans, and
programmes as well as projects and moving towards achieving the millennium development goals on environmental
This five-year strategic plan outlines the Agency’s development objectives and priority activities and the
implementation mechanism through which it hopes to address environmental issues and problems at the national
level and also mainstream international environmental obligations.
The Strategic Plan was developed by the Agency staff in collaboration with key stakeholders in the field of
environment and natural resources management and the methodology applied as outlined below: Readmore