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Strategic Focus

The Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone (EPASL) focuses strategically on safeguarding the nation's environment through comprehensive regulatory oversight, proactive conservation efforts, and sustainable development initiatives. Its key priorities include enhancing environmental governance, promoting biodiversity conservation, mitigating climate change impacts, and fostering public awareness and participation in environmental management. By prioritizing these areas, the EPA aims to ensure the long-term health and resilience of Sierra Leone's ecosystems, communities, and economy while promoting sustainable development for present and future generations.

3by6 Framework:
Summary information

The 3 pillars and 6 enablers of the EPATS encompass a holistic approach to addressing environmental challenges and fostering sustainable development in Sierra Leone.

3 Pillars

Natural Resources

The pillar of natural resources emphasizes the importance of preserving the earth's bounty through responsible stewardship and conservation efforts. This entails the sustainable management of forests, water bodies, biodiversity, and other natural assets to maintain ecosystem integrity and ensure their availability for future generations.

Climate Change

The climate change pillar focuses on navigating the climate crisis with resilience, adaptation, and innovative solutions. This includes initiatives to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, enhance climate resilience in vulnerable communities, and promote low-carbon development pathways that align with global climate goals.

Environmental Health

The environmental health pillar is dedicated to safeguarding ecosystems and human well-being through sustainable practices and policies. This involves addressing environmental health hazards such as pollution, waste management, and sanitation, and promoting ecosystem restoration and conservation to support healthy environments and thriving communities.

6 Enablers

Data and Innovation

The enabler of data and innovation drives progress through cutting-edge technology and evidence-based decision-making. This involves leveraging data analytics, remote sensing, and other innovative tools to inform environmental management strategies, monitor progress, and identify emerging challenges and opportunities.


Mobilizing resources to support impactful environmental initiatives and sustainable development is facilitated by the enabler of financing. This entails securing funding from diverse sources, including government budgets, international donors, private sector investments, and innovative financing mechanisms, to support environmental projects and programs.


The enabler of gender promotes gender equality and empowers diverse voices for inclusive environmental action. This involves ensuring women's participation and leadership in decision-making processes, addressing gender disparities in access to resources and opportunities, and integrating gender perspectives into environmental policies and programs.


Building resilient frameworks and infrastructure to sustainably manage natural resources and ecosystems is facilitated by the enabler of systems. This includes strengthening governance structures, developing sustainable land-use planning mechanisms, and enhancing monitoring and enforcement capacities to promote effective environmental management and conservation.


The enabler of policy advocates for and implements policies that prioritize environmental conservation and sustainability. This involves developing and enforcing regulations, standards, and incentives that promote sustainable resource use, mitigate environmental degradation, and facilitate the transition to a green economy.


Amplifying awareness and mobilizing action to promote environmental stewardship and sustainable living is enabled by advocacy. This entails engaging stakeholders, raising public awareness, and fostering partnerships to build political will and social momentum for environmental protection and climate action.

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