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Functions of EPA SL

Licensing and Permitting

The EPA manages the licensing and permitting process for activities that impact the environment, ensuring that businesses and individuals comply with environmental regulations and standards.

Enforcement and Compliance

Through rigorous enforcement measures, the EPA ensures that environmental laws and regulations are adhered to, holding violators accountable and protecting the environment from harmful practices.

Scientific Research

The EPA conducts scientific research to better understand environmental issues, assess risks, and inform evidence-based decision-making on environmental policies and regulations.

Technology & Innovation

By promoting technological advancements and innovation, the EPA seeks to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions for environmental challenges, improving efficiency and effectiveness in environmental protection efforts.

Pollution Prevention

The EPA works to prevent pollution through proactive measures such as pollution monitoring, control technologies, and pollution prevention programs, reducing environmental harm and promoting sustainable practices.

Education & Learning

Through educational programs and initiatives, the EPA raises awareness about environmental issues, fosters environmental literacy, and empowers communities to take action for environmental conservation and sustainability.

Multilateral Environmental Agreements

The EPA participates in and implements multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) to address transboundary environmental issues, promote international cooperation, and uphold Sierra Leone's commitments to global environmental protection efforts.

Partnerships and Engagement

The EPA collaborates with various stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and communities, to foster partnerships and engagement in environmental protection initiatives. Through these partnerships, the EPA leverages resources, expertise, and collective action to achieve shared environmental goals and objectives.

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