In fulfillment of the requirement of the Paris Agreement, the Environment Protection Agency of Sierra Leone in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Metrological Agency with funding from the United Nations Development Fund had conducted the process of reviewing and updating of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the country. The process was first conducted last week across the country with the final review and update process being done today 17th November 2020 at the New Brookfield Hotel in Freetown. Like in the provinces, the process here in Freetown brought together participants from the private sector, government officials and the Civil society all gearing towards bringing out climate Policy to meet the NDC targets of the country. The NDCs as per requirement needed a review process after every 5 years and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is in the process of reviewing all National Commitments of Parties. The NDCs are actions which Parties to the Paris Agreement have undertaken in order to address Climate change issues.“A Party’s contribution to address Climate Change is nationally determined according to its national circumstances and priorities” said Gabriel Kpaka, the Deputy Director General of the Sierra Leone Meteorological Agency and also UNFCCC Focal Point. “According to the Paris Agreement, State Parties have obligations to prepare, communicate, and maintain successive five year NDCs and report information necessary to track progress made in implementing and achieving NDCs”, Kpaka said.The Environment Protection Agency and the Sierra Leone Metrological Agency had been a nucleus towards addressing Climate Change issues in the county. “Sierra Leone has been experiencing the effects of Climate Change and as a result of that, the country made a pledge to address its emission in an effort towards addressing Climate Change issues” said Emmanuel Tamba Nyaka, EPA-SL’s Assistant Director of the Climate Change Secretariat.The country had enjoyed good relations with the international Community towards addressing environmental issues. “Sierra Leone is making significant effort towards addressing the targets and indicators sets in the sustainable development goals as well as addressing climate change related issues in the country”, said UNDP Abdul Katta. Katta said the government and its Partners together with the UNDP had made a significant milestone towards climate action and added they are “looking forward towards continued partnership with the government through the EPA-SL in ensuring resilience and zero carbon emission in the country”.

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