Procurement Number: EPASL/PPR/RE/RFP/006/2022

Date of First Issued: 19th December 2022.

The Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone (EPA-SL) is the Regulatory Agency charged with the responsibility to provide for the effective protection of the environment and other related matters.

Sierra Leone has recently received funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to implement a project on the promotion of electric mobility called “Supporting Sierra Leone with the Shift to Electric Mobility”. The objective of this 4-year project, which the EPA-SL will implement, is to mitigate GHG emissions in Sierra Leone by accelerating the introduction of electric mobility through the development of a legal, regulatory and institutional framework, capacity building, demonstration pilots of electric vehicles, development of business models for private sector engagement and finance schemes for upscaling and replication.

Responsibilities: –

The Consultant/firm will be charged to:

  • Oversee/coordinate the process for selecting a private sector partner to implement the demonstration in coordination with the EPA-SL
  • Prepare a study to identify locations, technology and capacity of e-Keke charging (including both overnight charging and battery swapping) is developed

Specific Task

The International E-Mobility Technology Expert will be responsible for the following technical/substantive work under the project:

Component 2:

Output 2.1: A comprehensive implementation plan for electric vehicle demonstration including a low-carbon charging scheme, and a data collection framework, are developed along with the reporting and analytical framework.

  • Oversee/coordinate the process for selecting a private sector partner to implement the demonstration in coordination with the EPA-SL
  • Prepare a study to identify locations, technology and capacity of e-Keke charging (including both overnight charging and battery swapping) is developed
  • Prepare a draft feasibility study including the development of business models for the vehicles and the charger operators as well as a finance scheme, and present the study to the coordination body during a workshop, for endorsement
  • Prepare the final feasibility study and the demonstration implementation plan, including a detailed framework/system for data collection, reporting, and analysis

Output 2.2: Demonstration vehicles and charging equipment are procured, staff trained, demonstration projects are implemented, monitored and data are collected, analysed and disseminated.

  • Prepare the technical requirements (specifications) of the electric vehicles and charging equipment to be procured for the demonstration project
  • Support the EPA-SL in the procurement process of 15 electric kekes, based on specifications established earlier
  • Develop a driving manual and protocols, and conduct operation and safety trainings with drivers
  • Provide additional technical support to the EPA-SL in the oversight / monitoring of the demonstration project, as required by the CTA
  • Support the CTA in the preparation / review of the final report compiling results of the demonstration project.

Competence and Qualification:

The lead consultant/expert for this assignment should have the following profile, skills, and expertise:

  • Academic Degree in Engineering or other relevant fields. A Master Degree in Engineering with a focus on electric transport modes or post-graduation of at least 12 months in electric mobility or sustainable urban transport and/or Business Administration/Finance/Economics would be an added advantage.
  • Professional with a minimum of 4 years’ experience in related innovative transport system assessments.
  • Work experience in the selection, procurement and or operation of EV modes and charging infrastructure and/or in the public transport sector would be an added advantage.
  • Experience in producing technical and economic feasibility studies for the introduction of electric transport or other innovative transportation modes.
  • Excellent technical and economic knowledge of electric public transport modes, incl. charging infrastructure.
  • Excellent communication skills are proven through successful interactions with all stakeholder groups, including senior government officials, private entrepreneurs, and representatives from the finance sector and technical agencies.
  • Experience in the facilitation of workshops and meetings.
  • Excellent conceptualization, planning, writing and presentation skills and proactive behaviour.
  • Ability to work independently on deliverables
  • Willingness and readiness to travel to Sierra Leone.

Instructions to eligible International Consultant

International Consultant is requested to refer to the Terms of Reference (TOR) above detailing the scope of the Assignment to be undertaken and the services requested from the eligible consultants. The consultant is requested to comment on the TOR, indicating your experience for this assignment, and submitting an updated Curriculum Vita and Qualifications for this Assignment.

The consultant is requested to prepare and submit their technical and financial proposal to be submitted to the address not later than 17th January 2023 at (2:00 PM).

Criteria for Selection            

No Criteria Scores
1 At least MSc. (Proof of master’s degree) in  Engineering or other relevant field/or innovative transport system assessments 15
2 Research experience in Supporting with the Shift to Electric Mobility (Proof of 2 scientific publications): Attach summary of articles or provide links) 25
3 Experience in preparing reports on Electric Mobility (proof of 3 reports produced and used as a reference by a national or international organization) 25
4 Technical approach and methodology 20
5 Financial proposal 10
6 Work plan 5

Note: The international consultant shall be ranked and the first ranked on the list shall be selected for the proposed assignment given that, their fee rates are within the budget.  The selection process will be based on the Least Cost

Service Required: The Environment Protection Agency SL is soliciting an International Consultant for ‘’Supporting Sierra Leone with the Shift to Electric Mobility” to carry out the above consultancy service. The Agency has secured fund from Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and is therefore inviting consultant who can provide a statement of capability and experience indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (description of similar assignment, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.) to submit Technical and financial proposals for the assignment.

The Technical Proposals will be publicly opened on [ 17th January, 2023] at 2:00 pm], in the presence of the bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who chooses to attend, at the address below.

This advertisement is open to all International Consultants worldwide.

Kindly submit the following documents;

  • Technical proposal
  • Financial Proposal
  • Curriculum Vitae of staffs
  • Business Profile
  • Samples of previous work

Duration of work:

The assignment is expected to be undertaken in 65 working days spanned over the period of 13 working weeks.

Duty Station:


Interested consultant may obtain further information and request the terms of reference (TOR) at the address below between [9am to 4pm Mondays to Fridays].

Technical and Financial proposals must be delivered to the address below on or before 17th January, 2023] at 2:00 pm],  

Proposals along with relevant documents must be submitted in sealed envelope boldly marked: Supporting Sierra Leone with the Shift to Electric Mobility’’ at the below email address.  Late proposal will be rejected and returned unopened. In addition to the original of the proposals, the number of copies required is 2.


Proposals must be email to the following addresses.

  1. /
  1. /
  1. /

OR send to the below address

 Executive Chairperson

Environment Protection Agency-SL;

2nd Floor

92 Dundas Street



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