Environment Day Essay Competition

The Essay Competition

On the 15th of May 2017, the Agency issued an advertisement inviting university students across the country to submit essays on the following topic:

The use of hazardous chemicals like mercury and cyanide in Sierra Leone has attained a level that requires urgent action. Discuss the potential ramifications of the use of these and other chemicals with particular reference to artisanal and small scale mining in Sierra Leone.”

 The advert was published in the Awareness Times Newspaper on the 15th of May 2017 and copies of the advert were pasted in the respective university campuses in Freetown, Makeni and Bo. The advert was also aired on Radio Democracy 98.1 for fourteen consecutive days.

The topic has been carefully selected to test the students’ knowledge on the use of hazardous chemicals like mercury particularly by gold miners and some of the consequences emanating from such use. Sierra Leone is a party to the Minamata convention on Mercury. Part of the EPA-SL’s strategy is to ensure that our young people are fully involved in information sharing pertaining to these and other important environmental issues.

The EPA-SL made provision for the following prizes:

1st prize – One million leones (Le1000,000/00)

2nd prize – Seven hundred and fifty thousand leones (Le750,000/00)

3rd prize – Five hundred thousand leones (Le500,000/00)

Five essays were received and an independent examiner was appointed to mark the scripts. The outcome is as follows:

Name                          University                                           Year               Position

Joseph Michael Garrick         COMAHS                               One                 1st

Chukwuemeka Haffner          COMAHS                               Four                2nd

Andrew Sannoh                      COMAHS                               One                 3rd

The results were announced on World Environment Day as part of the celebrations.